How to take care of ourselves in hot weather - by David

Date: 29th Jun 2018 @ 2:31pm

Have you been boiling this week?

Are you looking for ways to stay cool?

Share below all your ideas for staying cool in this weather.


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Vinutha M wrote:

I think we should sit in the shade while it's boiling hot in the sun.

Maria T wrote:

I think we should all drink ice cool water or a fresh and cold beverage so we can cool down. Also, i had a water fight once and the water was freezing so i cooled down really quickly!!!
Have fun in the mini heatwave!!!!!!

Timur P wrote:

Of course Maria, we need a cool down and have an epic WATER FIGHT!

Millie W wrote:

Pour water on your arms , it helps hydrate you!

Anaya F wrote:

Maybe try to pour it on your forehead as well to see what effects that brings.

Zakaria S wrote:

Don't stay in the sun!

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