Drumming Workshops

Date: 22nd Jun 2018 @ 1:33pm

Today, year 5 and 6 have had some drumming workshops. It's amazing how much they learned in a short amount of time!
Can you remember the names of any of the instruments?

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Ethan L wrote:

I do like the music!

Chloe B wrote:

This was so fun! I didn’t think that man would be so talented. Great experience:)

Myrah A wrote:

The drumming was really loud and it was about to burst my ears

Milo E wrote:

me to it was SO loud

Theodor M wrote:

The guy was over enthustiastic🥁!

Dominic S wrote:

That is very right Theo.

Emilia S wrote:

That was so fun but, really loud !

Zakaria S wrote:

It was the best workshop ever!🥁🥁🥁🥁

Millie W wrote:

I love the music! That guy has musical telent in HUGE numbers! :3

Maissa M wrote:

I agree BIG TIME!

Maissa M wrote:

This was a drum-tastic experience! BA DUM CRASH!

Maissa M wrote:

That man is talented in all the instruments he plays and he is a good singer and a funny comedian! Who agrees?

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