Favourite book

Date: 17th Oct 2018 @ 10:51am

In 4SM we are taking part in a reading challenge. We have been completing activities to share the books we have read with our class.

Which has been your favourite book you have read so far this year and why?

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Niamh C wrote:

In 4MT we love reading .Are favourite book at the moment is Stitch Head

Olivia O wrote:

4HD loves reading as well. Our class is reading Vajak Paw .

Mohamed J wrote:

I like worst world children because it is funny .

Jack B wrote:

I've never read the worst world children so how funny is it Mohamed.

Mohamed J wrote:

It’s like silly people who make big disasters like eating the world.

Ben N wrote:

I like Harry potter the deathly hallows because it builds suspense

Jack B wrote:

I like Tom gates everything's amazing sort of.

James W wrote:

My favourite book is Harry Potter and the goblet of fire you have to agree.

Olivia O wrote:

I like Pippi longstocking because she is odd

Suhayla W wrote:

My favourite book is the cardturner I've still not finished it . I had it since the first week of the library

Aaron B wrote:


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