National Poetry Day

Date: 4th Oct 2018 @ 1:20pm

Today is National Poetry Day and we took part in a live lesson to learn about poetry and some of the strategies poets use in their writing. 
What was your favourite part of the lesson?

Do you have a favourite poem?

Hashim Z wrote:

I love poetry.

Soraya F wrote:

I loved learning about how to do really good poetry from the professionals.

Emel E wrote:

I think it’s amazing

Connie S wrote:

I LOVE literature so I enjoy poems swell

Joe D wrote:

The misty moon moves around the sun at a million miles mph.In complete darkness no one can ever see what’s happening in front of them.You take off and you don’t know what’s waiting for you right up there. Your about two hours away and your getting more nervous your thinking about your life vaporising.

Queenie J wrote:

Thursday 4th October

I liked it it would have been better if we could go there..


Hashim Z wrote:

Me too

Hashim Z wrote:

my poetry homework
ME:my school is the best better than the rest
PARTNER: really better the best
ME: yes there's lots to do fun and games to
PARTNER: super what do you do
ME: lots and lots see you soon

Nathan S wrote:

my homework:
Me:Hello how's your day?
Partner: It's all going fine for me today.
Me:Do you want to play outside?
Partner: yes and I can give you a guide.
Me: just so you know my bike has broke.
Partner:okay so we can also drink some coke.
Me: we could take cookies.
Partner: We could donate a cookie.
Me: later We could play some football.
Partner: I will bring my new blue ball.
Me: I will call our mates.
Partner: We should meet at the park gates.
Me: After playing, you could come to my home.
Partner: We could see my new toy which is still wrapped in foam.

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