The Highwayman

Date: 15th Jun 2018 @ 2:07pm

We are currently learning about the Highwayman and have just met Tim the Ostler! We really want to know what the Highwayman is saying to Bess!

Tell me what you think so far and which characters you like and why.

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Mya B wrote:

Learning about the highwayman was great! The osler looked creepy but I feel sorry for him because he loves Bess but Bess doesn’t love him!

Timur P wrote:

Me too!

Leila A wrote:

I am desperate to know what happens next, but I do not want to hear any spoilers.

Anaya F wrote:

Tell me about it Leila. Hopefully people are quiet about it

Ria M wrote:

I agree!

Samuel C wrote:

What did the highwayman say?

Timur P wrote:

I don't know (is this a joke or a riddle?).

Lewis S wrote:

Timur I think he means in the story, not a joke.

Anaya F wrote:

I reall like the highwayman because there’s so much about him and he’s quite smart as well(even though he steals from travellers).What I think will happen next, is that the highwayman may have some more assistants...

Timur P wrote:

I am scared of Tim (but I feel sorry about him as well) because he reminds me of my nightmare!

Lewis S wrote:

Me too! I think it might haunt me in my dreams.

Leila A wrote:

I feel really sorry for Tim. He may look nasty on the outside, but maybe he’s nice on the inside. I do hope that Bess loves him back!

Theodore K wrote:

Tim’s face is a bit too creepy for me. However, that won’t stop me from loving the book :).

Ria M wrote:

So far The Highwayman is a great book! I feel sorry for Tim the Ostler but I predict that in the end, Tim and Bess will fall in love and the Highwayman will be caught and sent to prison. I told my mum what an ostler was and she had no idea what it was-we learn something new everyday!

Atika M wrote:

Learning about the highwaynan is so amazing. I wonder if Bess escaped from those horrible soilders. Will the highwayman come back.

Maria T wrote:

Spoiler alert!!
It is so sad that Bess and the Highwayman die but it is also sweet that Bess would die for the Highwayman. ❤️

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