The Hydra by Pip

Date: 27th Sep 2018 @ 3:05pm

Skeletons were scattered around the foul-smelling cave. Suddenly, two red eyes, the size of buckets, appeared right in front of my shivering body. A deafening scream came from the cliff and a barbaric splash came from the water. The hydra had blood red eyes, seven heads, claws like daggers and ugly, scaly green skin. The hydra stomped towards her! Its seven heads roaring and licking its lips. 

Sienna V wrote:

Great description pip📄

Queenie J wrote:

I aGree it is good great I mean great

Sienna V wrote:

I lovvvvvvve it😻

Brooke M wrote:

Me to l❤️it to

Florence G wrote:

Me too 🤩

Queenie J wrote:

It is 🤪 good

Crazy good

Hashim Z wrote:

Well done Pip and Hannah

Ellie G wrote:

Not Hannah, me!

Hashim Z wrote:

Amazing vocabulary 📙

Florence G wrote:

I agree

Hashim Z wrote:

Are you going to 📬 it to the Hydra

Florence G wrote:

😂 So funny

Brooke M wrote:

I love your storyPip😸

Elaina A wrote:

Very scary and good Pip

Abdulrahman D wrote:

Amazing Pip

Florence G wrote:

I wish I could write like that Pip

Hannah S wrote:

Pip how are so good , I loved how you thought about it .
If l could do that l would be happy you should be very proud

Emily-Rose D wrote:

Your so funny Hashim.Great work Pip it’s really discriptive also Ellie’s drawing is fab.

Soraya F wrote:

Well done Pip I had nightmares after this.

Abdulrahman D wrote:

Amazing Pip🤩

Lucas D wrote:

I love the sentence and the picture and the way that you labelled it 🚨👍👏

Abdulrahman D wrote:

Amazing Pip🤩

Dylan-che O wrote:

I think it’s brilliant 👍

James W wrote:

Good job pip!

Mya E wrote:

THAT'S AMAZING!i wish i could write as good as that.

Isobel C wrote:

WOW that is AMAZING!

Suhayla W wrote:


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