Our learning this year in Year 2


Autumn-Fit for Life! This will involve looking at food groups, a healthy heart and the value of exercise. Why do we Remember? This will cover Poppy Day  Why do we celebrate Christmas? This will involve a visit to a church.

Spring-A Blast from the Past/ This theme will cover schooling and health care through the decades from Victorian to present day. We will take the children on a trip to the Portland Basin to kick start our topic at the beginning of term. What is our school made out of? Science and Geography to be the main drivers here.

Summer-Why would a dinosaur not make a good pet? Main driver will be science and children will study animals and living things. Where would you prefer to live? Children will compare Africa with their own environment. The children will begin by making local field trips to study their immediate surroundings and then after half term will visit Southport to compare and contrast.

NB. Throughout the year we will be covering the National Curriculum requirements in terms of Science, History, Geography, Art, DT, PSE, PE and Music under the umbrella of the above themes.