Our learning this year in Year 4


This half term we have been learning about The Romans!

We visited Warrington Museum as part of our Big Adventure. We learnt some Roman dancing, we tried on some Roman armour and we made some Roman pots out of clay.
We had a fantastic time and all wrote thank you letters when we returned to school.

All of year 4 thoroughly enjoyed the Big Adventure; highlights being the whole school balloon wish release and the ice cream! 

Here are some pictures from the day...

Our topics in Year 4 are...

  Term 1 Term 2

Topic: The Romans

What did the Romans ever do for us?

Computing: We are Software Developers

Topic: States of Matter

How would we survuve without water?

Computing: We are toy designers


Topic 1: Sound

What makes you love and hate One Direction?

Topic 2: Electricity

Can we cope without electricity for a day?

Computing: We are Musicians


Topic 1: Henri Rousseau

How many shades of green are there?

Topic 2: Rainforest

What sounds and movements are in a rainforest?

Computing: We are meteorologists


Topic: Animals and Humans; All Living Things

How can living things survive in the local environment?

Computing: We are HTML editors

Topic: Local History and the Manchester Suffragettes

How did women change history?

Computing: We are Co-authors