Year 2 Homework

Each week your child will usually be sent home with a piece of Maths homework, a piece of Literacy homework, and some spellings to learn.

The Maths homework can be completed on the sheet unless otherwise stated. The sheet can be put inside the folder. Any previously marked sheets can be removed and kept at home.

The Literacy homework is to be written directly into the children’s homework books. The sheet can then just be slipped inside the book. There is no need to glue anything into the books.

Lastly, the spellings that your child needs to learn will be sent home for them to practise all week. The spellings are written in cursive script to help the children to develop their skills with this kind of writing. They should write over the example before they attempt their own. We will test the children on these the following Friday.

The children have also been provided with a hundred square, a paper ruler and a handwriting script sheet which can be kept at home.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know.
Thanks and Kind Regards
The Year 2 Team.