Animation and Programming - By Timur

Date: 29th Jun 2018 @ 2:34pm

Have you ever drawn something on paper, but moving?

Have you ever created a game on the computer using codes for fun?

These are things that I enjoy doing!

Share all your animation and ideas below.

Thanks, Timur.

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Timur P wrote:

Maybe you could make a man wave for a start- I did this!

Timur P wrote:

For programming, you could make some one move and speak for a start. If you feel confident, you could make a simple story.

Timur P wrote:

For a challenge on animations, you could make a story. If you feel like a pro, try making a game on it (I tryed it and it is HARD)!

Timur P wrote:

Here is a challenge for you on programming. Try making a game less than a whole day. If you didn’t do it in a whole day, you have to reset the game!

Timur P wrote:

I love programming and animations! I give it a 100% to those two.

Ari H wrote:

Scratch is an awesome place to start!

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