Golden Age of Islam Workshops

Date: 4th May 2018 @ 2:20pm

Year 5 were visited by Violet and Alice from the 'Yellow Brick Road' company this morning and took part in some workshops about the Golden Age of Islam. We learnt a lot that we didn't already know!

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Claudia P wrote:

I loved the dance, it was so magical and the music was just so cool. You have to try it out. I would love to do it again

Chloe B wrote:

Couldn't agree more.

Hannah D wrote:

I really couldn't agree more!

Chloe B wrote:

I loved the dance it was so fun. I now know a lot more about the Golden Age of Islam. Thank you.

Claudia P wrote:

Couldn't agree more

Ryan R wrote:

that was the best thing that ever happened today especially the dancing part

Chloe D wrote:

It was a lot of fun

Millie W wrote:

It was REALLY GOOD and got everyone smiling,even the reluctant ones! :D

Claudia P wrote:

Yeah, I've seen many more smiling face after than before and it just made sooooo happy :D

Rowan M wrote:

It was a realy fun workshop.

Seb H wrote:

I think it was realy fun because they got us involved

Chloe B wrote:

The workshop turned out to be really interesting!
I learnt loads from it!
I love this and really would enjoy doing it again.

Chloe D wrote:

My favourite bit was the dacing

Oliver H wrote:

I loved it it was soooooooooooooo fun :)

Ethan L wrote:

I learnt a lot things! Thats all i can say. I love it! :)

Myrah A wrote:

I think the workshop was pretty amazing and really funny and fun i enjoyed the dance quite alot and was amazed my finding out that there was so many gods a long time ago

Ari H wrote:

Did you know mesopotamia means between two rivers? "Meso" meaning in the middle of two and "Potamia" meaning rivers!

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