Social Media by Lexi, Sienna and Chloe B

Date: 11th May 2018 @ 3:56pm

While many people are very critical towards social media, most of the bad things have solutions and there are actually many good things! Furthermore, one of the first things people say is wrong with social media is that it can be quite unsafe but these are some ways to stay safe. 
The first thing you can do is put your account on private - which means that you will get a notification when someone wants to follow you and you can either accept or decline. Secondly, if they are already on your account and they do follow you, you can block them if anything about their account, or even them, is inappropriate. Reporting is another option. You can use this method on stalkers.
Social media is also a good thing for parents to see what their kids are up to. It would be helpful for parents to know where their kids are, what they're doing etc. 
Hope you've learnt a lot :)

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Sienna W wrote:

Am i the first to comment wow remember be safe on the internet !! :)

Chloe B wrote:

Yes you are!

Ethan L wrote:

Thanks, if i get social media im going to follow those rules!

Chloe B wrote:

Your welcome Ethan hope this helps:)

Millie W wrote:

I wish my mom listened to that it would solve a lot

Chloe B wrote:

Show her!

Ethan L wrote:

I knew you were american Millie! I am too

Chloe B wrote:

Feel free to ask any questions!

Ed A wrote:

What do you actually do on social media?

Myrah A wrote:

Good idea

Chloe B wrote:


Zakaria S wrote:

Be safe

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