Year 4 Newspaper - Air Pollution

Date: 28th Mar 2019 @ 1:16pm

Because Manchester has terrible air pollution, we think that we could change it by how we travel to school. 

Walk = 10 points        Cycle = 10 points          Bus = 6 points         Tram = 7 points     Car Share = 5 points

                 Park and Stride (park away from school) = 3 points            Car = 1 point

Comment underneath the score you would have got for last week. Remember to be honest or Regina Mills will find out!

Whichever class has the highest points will all get a credit!


Rayana G wrote:

I do car share everyday and maybe I might walk one day depending on the weather.

Emily-Rose D wrote:

Well done, you have 30 points !!

Nathan S wrote:

I do car share and when it’s sunny I cycle

Hugo P wrote:

I think riding your bike and walking to school is better than a car 🚘

Shefae F wrote:

I agree Hugo👍

Suhayla W wrote:

On sunny days I walk and on rainy days I do car share

Connie S wrote:

Well done Nathan and Suhayla. Thank you Hugo for your thoughts.

Rayana G wrote:

My dad has rented an electric car.

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